virtual7 took part in the APEX Connect 2017 event with a great booth and a great team. If you attended, then you probably also participated on our VR Formula 1 race contest. Many people visited our booth and gave their best shot at winning the race in the virtual reality. At a particular moment, someone approached our booth and asked if he could get on-the-spot support from one of our APEX experts for an APEX issue that he had for quite some time. He explained to me that he had an Interactive Report on a page and, in this particular project, he couldn’t see the Save Report option, which should have been part of the Actions menu. Then he showed me the APEX project, using APEX 5.1.1, and I could see the issue on his laptop.


The following picture shows what the user experienced:

After some digging, I have seen that all the flags were set correctly on the Interactive Report item, such as:

  • Include Actions Menu set on Yes
  • Save Report set on Yes
  • Save Public Report set on Yes

On the first look all seemed fine, but the Interactive Report didn’t display the Save Report option. Then I remembered that was something written in the documentation regarding a prerequisite, so I began searching for it. After a few minutes, I have found the following information:

The Save Report option on the Actions only displays if the application developer:

  • Defines an authentication scheme for the current application. See “Establishing User Identity Through Authentication.”
  • Selects Save Report or Save Public Report under Search Bar on the Report. See “Managing the Search Bar and Actions Menu in Component View.”

The second bullet was already checked by me, so the issue was caused by the missing authentication scheme. Problem solved!

For more information, see the documentation link: