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The Mindful Breakout is an internal project launched by our Core Cluster Office Management.

In the last two years, the topic of Home Workout has become more and more popular. Since we also continue to work from home a lot due to the pandemic and exercise is often missed out, we were looking for a way to counteract and keep our colleagues fit. Our idea was to offer a virtual training session every second Wednesday, in which everyone can participate.


At the beginning of the Mindful Breakout, a powerful song is played to get colleagues in the mood for the workout and to create a relaxed atmosphere. Via split screens, all participants can watch the workout video and follow along. To ensure that the exercises are performed correctly, the Core Cluster Office Management gives hints in between to motivate the participants. The workouts are usually ten minutes long and are suitable for any level of athlete. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or a beginner, everyone is welcome. The focus of these sessions is, on the one hand, to improve posture in front of the computer and maintain physical fitness. But also to escape from the daily work routine for a few minutes, to be able to start the remaining workday full of energy again afterward. In addition to neck, shoulder, and back exercises, the abdomen or legs are also trained occasionally. For those who cannot attend the Mindful Breakout, the video will be made available afterward on a Teams Channel. Motivated colleagues can then catch up on the training or even do it a second time.


For the summer and winter break, we have put together a few exercises that everyone can do in between to bridge the time until the next training session:

Feedback is also important to us in this project so that we can make it enjoyable for everyone and the colleagues like to participate.