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Onboarding determines whether new employees are true fans of the company from the very first minute or take longer to arrive. After all, the market for qualified specialists is highly competitive. If you want to have the best, you have to offer them the best! What can you do to create an optimal onboarding process? We’ll tell you how it works for us and what we do to welcome you to our company.

What is onboarding?

After recruiting comes onboarding, or induction. Onboarding is designed to help new employees to feel comfortable in the company right from the start. This should make it easier for you to find your way around. This allows you to integrate into the company organization and get to know your new working environment and the most important tasks.

How long does the onboarding phase last?

Your onboarding begins with the signing of the employment contract and usually ends with the probationary period, that is, after about six months. However, the duration of onboarding depends largely on the complexity of the roles you will be taking on – so shorter or longer periods are also possible.

The first time in our team is not only a time of trial and error for you. Your Cluster will also help you to find your place in the team. Maybe you can already work on your first external and internal projects. This will give you an overview of the company, across clusters and roles. Take the opportunity to get involved and actively participate in shaping the company organization.

Your first day

Your day begins with a tour of the entire office in Karlsruhe. Afterwards, you can ask any questions that are important to you at your first appointment with the Core Cluster Human Relations. Get to know the Core Cluster Human Relations and find out why retention management is so important in our company. After that you will get some time to get familiar with the internal systems and your new work area. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on our welcome culture. In addition to a welcome package, all employees will be informed in advance about your first day in the office, so you will have the opportunity to meet as many new colleagues as possible at a first lunch together.

Your first weeks

After your first day, you can decide for yourself whether you want to start working from the office or from home. In addition to your Cluster, you can contact your mentor at any time. As a personal contact person from your own Cluster, will help you to find your way around. You can turn to your mentor at any time and discuss all topics that concern you in an informal atmosphere. You will always get a sympathetic ear and helpful tips. During your first week, you will be scheduled to meet with the Managing Directors. They will give you an even more comprehensive insight into the strategy and organization of virtual7. You don’t have to be shy here and can ask everything that interests you as an employee in a relaxed atmosphere.

In Dialog with you

Your probationary period interview is an opportunity to get feedback. Not only the Role Team Development of your Cluster, but also the responsible HR Business Partner will be present at this interview. Feedback has already been collected from employees with whom you have worked during your probationary period. You are welcome to give us feedback on your onboarding or your first time at virtual7 at any time. It is important to us that you feel well taken care of and that your start at virtual7 is as pleasant as possible.

Added value of good Onboarding

The advantages of a well-organized onboarding phase are actually obvious. You will be warmly welcomed into the team and thus arrive at your job more quickly. We are convinced that if you feel well taken care of, you will approach your new tasks with more motivation. The more you are appreciated for your performance, the more confident you will be on a professional level and the faster you will integrate into our company. Depending on the Cluster in which you apply, you can expect very different areas of responsibility.

Many varied tasks allow you to develop in different directions. To ensure that you find your way around and make the transition to the team as quickly as possible, you will be assigned a mentor from day one. You can contact them at any time to discuss the next steps or ask questions if you don’t understand something clearly. By the way: Onboarding doesn’t happen at the speed of light. It takes an average of eight to twelve months until you are no longer inferior to your colleagues.