With the OBIEE version, there are some new features available. In this post, we will show you which features are included and present you some of these in detail. In particular we want to show you the features “Treemap” and “Search within the subject area”. The improvements and changes are:

  • The Contribution wheels have been renamed to strategy contribution wheels
  • The ability to specify the number of decimal places to include in scores are available in Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management
  • The possibility to create custom export layouts for exporting dashboard content to Excel
  • This release provides enhancements that enable you to replace account entries in the Access Control List (ACL) and to manage Unresolved Accounts
  • The ability to use variables to override values in selection steps


  • New and changed components in the “Print & Export Options dialog” including:
    • New options in Orientation
    • New possibilities to specify whether to include charts, images and formatting
    • New property to specify whether to wrap text in columns.
    • New option to limit column width.
    • Default value for the Print Rows component has changed to All
  • The page break options have been renamed to Each member of all columns (previously Innermost Column) and Each member of first column (previously Outermost Column)
  • When you export a column that includes an image to Excel, the extra blank column that previously appeared will no longer appear
  • The Format component includes  the Excel 2007+ value
  • The Export menu no longer includes the Excel 2003 and Powerpoint 2003 options
  • When you export a column whose data format is set to Percentage, the column is now exported as a percent format


  • Initiate a search within the subject areas that are displayed in the Subject Areas pane
  • Save columns to the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog for reuse in other analyses

For details you can look in the Oracle Documentation.


Despite the fact that the treemap is available since the version, we still want to show you this powerful visualization. With this feature it is possible to represent space-constrained, two-dimensional hierarchical structures with multiple levels. A predefined, rectangular area limits the treemap and displays two levels of data. The size of each rectangle is based on a measure, and the color of the rectangle is based on the second measure. There are also thresholds possible for the color e.g. 0-10 red, 11-40 yellow, 41-100 green.

Drill downs are in the treemap possible as well. To get more information on “Services” in this example you can click on the rectangle and get the values for this area.

This is an example of a treemap in the new OBIEE version

Search in Subject area

The second feature that we want to represent you is the ability to search for facts and dimensions in the subject area. You simply click on the magnifier type in what you want to look for in search field and all relevant subjects appear in the subject panel.

This the new search feature in the subject area.

This the new search feature in the subject area.