The writeback feature in OBIEE 11g provides the possibility to directly change data in the database out of a dashboard. This is very helpful if you want to correct some data like the name of an employee and don’t want to change it in the HR application. Or you change the commission rates of your sales employees in a dashboard and want to see the actual salaries immediately.

Writeback is only for table views available, but there is one possibility that activates this feature in pivot table views. This allows you for example to plan resources for next months or years in the pivot table. So you can write multiple values for different years and different resources at the same time and save it with one step. This is an example of a pivot table with the writeback feature.

First of all, the writeback feature has to be activated and configured in the BI Suite for the measures that you want to write back.

-Activate writeback

-Create Pivot Table

-Insert writeback fields

-Insert HTML-fields