Oracle released the latest version of the Oracle Document Cloud service last weekend and there are some new features which make life easier when using the cloud service in the browser.

Oracle Document Cloud Service (ODCS) provides you, your company and your customers an easy way to collaborate and share all kinds of documents. You can easily add files via web browser, desktop client or mobile devices.

New mobile style navigation

When using the document cloud service via the browser interface you have now the possibility to browse through the folder by using the left navigation. The navigation is hidden and can slide in as a functionality we all know from websites or mobile applications.

slider navigation

Oracle Document Cloud Service slider navigation


New document browsing inside a folder

To browse through the documents inside a folder, you have now a preview slider on the document information page. If you open a document you can slide to all the other documents inside the actual folder, select and open them directly from the document information page.

document info page

Oracle Document Cloud Service document info page