When ADF Developers want to filter data without filtering in the Database, they have a possibility to make this with the data in memory using a view criteria object.
The view criteria object is a set of one or more view criteria rows, whose attributes mirror those in the view object.


In the following example we will filter a table with a view criteria. The table consists of four columns:
(Workday; this is the filter attribute), (Startime), (ClosingTime) and (Break).
The view object has the name (TimelogView)

First we need to define the filter parameters, in this example they are “fromDate” and “toDate”

After that we have to edit the view criteria. We name it “TimelogViewCriteria” with a view object where clause. The query execution mode used here is both, this is useful when you want to filter from uncommitted records also.


4If we now look in the AppModuleDataControl we will see that a new operation called “ExecuteWithParams” was provided with our two Parameters “fromDate” and “toDate”


And now with a drop down in our jsf page, we will create a new ADF parameter form

6And the filter look like this:


In our example we have edited some data in the table and we want to filter it:



The result after filter looks: